Maths Term 3

WALT count forwards  and backwards 0-100 and 100 - 0. SUCCESS CRITERIA I can go 0 1 2 3 up to 100 and then 100 99 98 97 to 0 without stopping.

STUDENT VOICE " I can count to 100 and back to 0".

Written Language Term 3

WALT write an interesting story.SUCCESS CRITERIA I have written my ideas in complete sentences and used interesting words.

Skipping Term 3

WALT skip forwards and backwards.

SUCCESS CRITERIA I can turn the rope and jump at the same time.

STUDENT Voice " I am really good at skipping and I can go fast". 

Technology Term 3

WALT use recyclable materials to design a toy. 

SUCCESS CRITERIA I have created a toy. 

STUDENT VOICE "I can use my imagination to make a toy".